IRON MAN: well-suited for sequel

BIG plans for Tony Stark: this first video review of Iron Man 2 (below) is just a taste of what’s to come at Cinemagogue. As an avid comic book reader since the 70s, it’s been fascinating to watch a former second-stringer like Tony Stark rocket his way to pop culture Iron icon status. We owe thanks to director Jon Favreau, the endlessly energetic Robert Downey Jr., and Hollywood’s growing acceptance that comic books don’t have to make good “comic book movies”… they can just be good movies.

Unlike Stark’s suit technology, the sequel to 2008’s blockbuster does NOT repulse.

As mentioned in my review of the first Iron Man film, the story’s undeniable parallels to our shared meta-narrative (realization of our damnable state, a life sacrificed for ours, a new heart… plus “armor” to engage in redemptive mission) make for GREAT discussion, and while the second film doesn’t surpass the original, it provides another chapter that is all too familiar; after all, a changed heart doesn’t mean our habitual issues have ceased completely, and Tony finds himself humbled as he grapples with the film’s three major narrative elements:

  • legacy

  • vengeance

  • self-sufficiency

Stay tuned for a series of written reviews on characters and ideas in the film, and how to understand their motivations and methodology in terms of biblical proportions. We’ll start with the Legacy of Howard Stark

  1. Paul Hickernell

    Thank you for helping us filter art through the lense of God’s meta- narrative. It all points back to the story. I enjoyed IronMan2 and now have more to offer my church with your insights. Count on me coming back for more of your thoughts.

  2. Joe

    I watched your clip on Iron Man 2 before I went and saw it and it gave me some things to watch out for within Robert Downey Jr. character of Tony Stark. It was definatly some good conversations with my non-Christian friends afterward about the movie, especially the whole Toxicity thing with relation to sin

  3. James

    Thanks Paul, I praise God he’s built me to help others see it over the last several years. Joe, the toxicity parallel wasn’t as fully formed in my mind until you mentioned it here. THANKS!

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