Going UP?

In Pixar’s UP, an undeniably delicious treat for the senses, Carl Frederickson is chafing against the age-old aging process lamented in Ecclesiastes 12, and sets out to recapture the “spirit of adventure” and honor his late wife Ellie. We find, however, that his motives are mixed, and his mission is missing the mark. This literally “square” old codger is on his way to becoming the obsessive Muntz, instead of refreshing the vivacious spirit we see in the bouncy Russell.29up_600

Using the Pixar formula with a sprinkle of Seussian madness and Looney Tunes frolic, This gorgeous and spirit-lifting film shows us the difference between the pursuit of “recapturing” life versus the fire of “rekindling” it, exposing idols and the all-too common truth that we often think people are “in the way” of our mission when our mission should be to those people.

Thanks to Mars Hill for hosting a full house packed Film and Theology event in March 2010.

  1. John T. Meche III

    Listened to Film & Theology on Up. Heard your reference to Gran Torino and wondered if you had seen this. http://bit.ly/duq6lR

  2. James

    That. was. AWESOME.

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