A Final Bit about TRON: Legacy

tron25Greetings, programs! As we’re steeling ourselves for a summer of mind-bending blockbusters that will take us from Ohio to Oa, I took one last visit to The Grid with several hundred attendees at a viewing of TRON: Legacy where I was asked to provide an exploration of the film’s narrative themes in greater detail than the previous, spoiler-free posts.

At the outset, I refreshed our event attendees with an overview of the first TRON film and it’s themes. If you’re already familiar with that or have listened to the audio review of the first film, you can skip ahead to about 6:30m for the remaining 30-minutes on the film’s artistry, acting, and biblical parallels of creators and creation, fathers and reconciliation.

“Change the speed, alter the mood, electrify the boy and girls…

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