What others are saying about Cinemagogue:

“…really appreciate your witness with regards to movies and entertainment in general. I grew up on television in the 80’s and can relate to the context you grew up in…. I thank God for you and your ability to glorify him in everything, no matter what – even cinema.”

(Cinemagogue) “…really convicted me in both the movie and gaming arena to analyze what I am watching/playing and why. I had almost zero discernment before stumbling onto your series…”

“Your perspective on Transformers has really blessed our family. My sons (age 7 and 10) are eager fans of the series. (Your teachings) have continued to help them see beyond the surface and to find Jesus in the midst of what seems like simple entertainment.”

“I grew up in Longview Washington and am currently in Afghanistan with the US Air Force. I recently stumbled across your (content) online… Thoughtful, blessed, right on target.”

“Listening to your podcasts… opened my eyes to examine what I watch even closer. I have my list of favorite movies, but now I’ve been asking myself, “why are they my favorite movies?” Some I had immediate answers to and others I had to think for awhile. I want to honor God with what I watch.”

Thanks from Aspiring & Active Filmmakers

“Your talk was one of the final confirmations of our move to Los Angeles to re-engage the film business by getting upstream in culture and trying to influence from the top down. Worked as an assistant on a TV series for a year, and now I’m working at a digital marketing agency that does a ton of film/TV work, as well as writing/producing my own projects.”

“I am a christian student filmmaker and I love your reviews. It’s some of the best preaching I get because I can relate to it so well due to the movie/narrative aspect.”

“As a person of Christ and a person who holds a degree in film I look forward every month to these sermons. I can tell you one thing for sure, God is using you in my life. Thank you for allowing Him to do so.”

“I am South African, but I am a Junior film and Television student at Savannah College of Art & Design, and your interpretations of the films have helped formed the kind of filmmaker I am becoming, and also the way I experience films.”

Feedback from Church leaders

“I’m a worship pastor in Atlanta, and I love the Film and Theology thing that you guys do. You actually look at the film aspects and see how the artist’s worldview really comes through. We want our people to understand that a real relationship with Jesus will integrate all areas of their lives…”

“I feel inspired to run something similar at my own church. I live and work in the distant suburbs of London, England…”

I am an elder at large non-denominational church in Virginia Beach and I am absolutely captivated by the idea of doing Film and Theology at our church. I am coming to you for advice on how to best get started.

“I’m a youth pastor from Northern Ireland… and I was contemplating starting a new venture, similar to what you are doing… being a novice in this ministry, I have some questions…”

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