Something Wicked This Way Comes?

No, this isn’t a review of the Ray Bradbury story-turned-film… though we really SHOULD get to that some day. Great book, wonderfully fun movie… although we’d
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Sound of Freedom

Stop, children. What’s that sound? That’s the sound of James, Maddy and Kat weighing in on the little independent film that has rocked the Hollywood boat
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A Haunting in Venice

Navigate the creepy canals, dreary domiciles and superstitious scenarios of this latest Hercule Poirot film that moves from mystery to ponder the paranormal! Cinemaguy and guest
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Is this REALLY the movie we’re reviewing? Can you trust the episode title or description? What if it’s something else entirely? Join James with guest hosts
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Richard and James explore the themes of all three episodes from the latest season of Netflix Exclusive Black Mirror. The show is known for showing us the dangers
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GOOD OMENS… or Bad Portentions?

Richard and James are joined once again by Kat this week to discuss the new Amazon miniseries Good Omens!  A theme of this discussion seems to
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It’s a monster mash of biblical proportions! Join James and Kathryn (and a couple crazy kaiju who crash the party) as they examine surprisingly deep ideas
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Now with 50% more Slusho: CLOVERFIELD

We recently discovered this recording of David and James talking about Cloverfield, the penultimate film of Monster MAY-hem. We aren’t sure what happened to them after
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THE FLY in the ointment…

Monster MAY-hem continues this week as we dive into The Fly (1986) – you know, the one starring Jeff Goldblum! How does such an older movie hold