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THE WITCH: Agency for Eating Babies

While many Christians heard about the Satanic Temple’s support of Robert Eggers’ creepy 1630 horror flick “The Witch“ and ran the other way, I had the alternate instinct:
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Miss me? A review of THE CONJURING

They had me at the doll. The opening vignette about Annabelle plays like a campfire tale – and could be a scary short film
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Another visit to The Cabin in the Woods

The talented Joss Whedon has a lesser-known hit this year, overshadowed by his colossal success with The Avengers. Whedon co-wrote The Cabin in the Woods, out
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Watching the Watchers of The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods takes a step back from the stereotypical horror movie
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I’ll confess, I’m more than a little excited about the season finale of Supernatural tonight, the culmination of a five-year escalation of biblical proportions
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ELM STREET won’t put you to sleep, but doesn’t slice deep

I wasn’t allowed to watch “Freddy” or “Jason” movies growing up, and by the time I watched Krueger on television in the 90s he’d
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SWEENEY TODD: Meat Pies & Mean Guys

Sweeney Todd was a fictional character first appearing in penny dreadfuls in 1846. The “Demon Barber of Fleet Street” has seen several incarnations since

Appropriacalypse Now

A Review of Doomsday (R) When a movie comes out called Doomsday, it invariably draws ones mind to many other end-of-world films that have
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Dear Diary, this movie sucked…

What’s that limping slowly in the distance? Wow, that guy looks half-dead… WAIT! He doesn’t look half dead… he IS dead. So… like, why