Ten Movie Blasts from the Past…

smokingOffshore internet drilling struck a server pocket of buried mp3 audio reviews and explorations of film that haven’t been listed or noted as part of the Cinemagogue site… until NOW. Since our friends at Mars Hill have excavated and tapped the depths of the previously mysterious and hard to navigate media library, we get to tease our cinemaudience with a bevy of these audysseys. These range from deeply moving films like Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, to the masterful sociopolitical commentary of Thank You for Smoking, to the tragic “George-Lucas-destroyed-my-childhood” trauma of Star Wars Episode III.jarjarsucks

These ten entries will join the CinemaLOG to your right shortly in the growing list of our own sites archive. For now, use the links below to explore some cinematic history and spiritual exploration of why these tickled and/or tortured us. You can get some Serenity, examine your Pride and Prejudice, or Walk the Line inbetween.

Each link below will take you to the new media library where you can listen in your browser or choose from download options. wtcHopefully something more interesting that Death Race will come out soon, giving us something new worth reviewing. For now, enjoy.

  1. Scott

    Let there be rejoicing, for what was lost has been found. And let me just throw in my own little commentary as briefly as possible. I loved Serenity. It completely surpassed all my expectations.

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