On this Dark Knight, the Jokes on Harvey Dent…


There are many reasons why The Dark Knight was the best 2008 had to offer… and why I’m boycotting the Oscars for snubbing it save for a nod to Heath Ledger. There at so many things we could look at in this film, which is probably why it spawned written reviews and now this audio review for Cinemagogue. The incredible Cinematography and IMAX footage gives it unparalleled scope, the reliance on physical special effects versus digital gives the film a powerful gravity, and the subtle score with chords like razor blades creates uncomfortable tension.


In the narrative alone, there are SO many things to look at… because Unlike Batman Begins, which redefined a character, this movie isn’t ABOUT Batman; this film redefines a genre and examines a city’s populace. The political, social and religious implications are sifted in the following audio exploration by James Harleman, which followed a viewing of the film at Mars Hill in Seattle. He contends that, in the end, the film’s REAL central character is not Batman or Joker, but the idealistic and ill-fated Harvey Dent. Moreover, does the film truly present us with hope of redemption, or does it illustrate that their is no true hope save delusion? You decide.

  1. Heath

    Excellent treatment of the film, James!

    These Cinemagogue reviews have given me new tools to appreciate film at a deeper level and have modeled a way to see story in light of the true and ultimate story, the Gospel. I’m so thankful for this ministry of Mars Hill!

  2. Heather

    I totally agree that the Academy snubbed Dark Knight! Seems like if it’s not straight drama or comedy, they can’t handle it.

  3. Tony Sunzeri

    Love the audio. Your analysis o the clandescdant rooftop meaning leading to the ultimate fall of Harvey Dent was right on. Your wife makes a great point about Batman being the scapegoat (reminiscent to our savior) which is easily overlooked. I also believe that the joker is a true anarchist who is only reacting on his animalistic insticts. I, like you, am glad Gotham (a place without God) does not actually exist!

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