Film & Theology 101

WHY do we do things like Cinemagogue? Why do we examine film, television, literature and theology against then narrative of Scripture? Lately, even more have not just been asking why, but HOW we approach it; the greatest joy is when people want to replicate what I truly believe our loving God has put on my – and many other – hearts to share and explore different ways of expressing it.

I hope to address the basic questions – and objections – in this 10-part instructional series. It’s my hope that it won’t just lead to edification and personal transformation, but ultimately replication leading to more loving glorification of the God we love and live for.

“101” establishes the basic premise essential to this engagement: that the one true God of the Universe is not only the ultimate Storyteller, but Protagonist in the greatest story that encompasses all our lives. This explains our image-bearing impulse to be storytellers whether we acknowledge him or not.

  1. Donnie

    I’m glad you’re doing this series. Thanks!

  2. Scott Seivewright

    I have found that arts & media in our churches are either neglected or used in an helpful way that detracts from the God of the bible. It is great that, even extract from ‘Tron’ and the ‘Princess Bride’ can be use to point to God. As an ‘Artsy-Sci-Fi –Comic-Geek’ I have felt alienated especially when a lot of ‘Christian’ culture that is often cheesy and makes me cringe (I don’t know what your average Christian book shop is like but in South Africa it’s just embarrassing). Keep reclaiming entertainment for God’s Glory.

  3. Ben Thomas

    I was so excited to see that you were doing this series as I am trying to start this up at my home church… I was wondering if you are still planning on continuing with this at all, as it looks like there hasn’t been much for 1 1/2 years.


  4. James

    I’ve had a few setbacks, true:)

    …but I’m back. Look for them in February!

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