Bourne Free

“There was never just one…”

(Apparently these guys are like Pringles.)

This Friday we have a Bourne movie without Jason Bourne. This is CRAZY, right? We couldn’t possibly have a story where the central heroic character is not in plain view, but simply heard about. Isn’t that bad storytelling? Instead, the titular protagonist seems to have inspired or instigated a following, a like-minded person (or people) living out his example, following in his footsteps: “disciples” if you will.

Yeah, that kind of narrative would NEVER work… except that it’s the story of the Christian legacy too.

I’m excited for Jeremy Renner and where this series is going. If you missed all the insanely obvious parallels with our lives and spirituality in the first, exceedingly tight and well-crafted Bourne trilogy, be sure to check out the written review Bourne Again…” or the Audio podcast below from a Film & Theology event where we looked at the trilogy and third film in particular. Repeated imagery of baptism, problems with penance, and the evocative moment of evangelism make this a curiously resonant storyline.

It even gives us a chilling glimpse of who might ultimately be at fault for the condition and place in life we find ourselves:

“You made yourself into who you are.” 

  1. Jeremiah Lawson

    I don’t usually endorse puns but this one is just too funny and awesome not to comment about. 🙂

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