Film & Theology 103 | Engaging Narrative

From Joseph Campbell to John Stewart, Bertrand Russell to Pamela Anderson, we look deeper into the wellspring of narrative and why we enjoy the stories of our culture. As image-bearers of our Creator, can we begin to see the difference between leveraging storytelling as a form of tribute versus a proxy?

  • What stories do you enjoy, and why? Are they reflections, or distractions?
  • Are we obsessed with the “new” when what we truly need is something ancient refreshed in time and context?
  • Do you need something new or something true that satisfies utterly?
  • Most importantly, when we say a story was “moving” is this just fleeting lip service… or have we actually been changed in heart or practice? Perhaps our comments are just as fictional as our stories…

This is number 4 in the 100 series, be sure to check out:

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