A New Hope: You’re All Clear Kid…

Star Worship?

So… after all this cinemusing on Star Wars and Theology, does this mean we should start worshipping Luke Skywalker?  Of course not—no more than we should erect a lion statue and worship Aslan from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia.  Certain images and circumstances cross-referenced in Star Wars are simply analogous to the truth found in Christ.  Furthermore, Lucas may not deserve the same kudos for his work that, say, Lewis or Tolkein might—the latter two men were believers who either purposely or inherently (and both beautifully) entwined Christian theism into their work.  Lucas didn’t set out to promote Christianity; he’s far more concerned with merchandising action figures and Jar Jar Binks (“Mee-sah muy-muy stupid”).

However, no matter what their motivations are down at the Skywalker Ranch, God’s dabbling fingers are still evident in the Star Wars films; intentional or not, George’s narrative portrays the Jedi and Sith as flawed, and threads of true faith are manifest within the story’s context.  This is the phantom message of Star Wars, and the Believer’s task is to use it as a springboard when dialoguing with other Star Wars junkies like me (still in recovery…)

After all, with the films being released in 3D and all the ongoing video games, cartoon series, comic books and more… it doesn’t look like Lucas, or culture, is going to let this go anytime soon.

Now let’s Blow this Thing and Go Home…

And so, for this Star Wars Baby, “the circle is now complete”.   Attempting to be Han Solo, I skirted the deep issues of life, just as the dashing rogue avoided responsibility.  Eventually, however, I came to understand why Han Solo “sold out” to a life of devotion, respect, and family.  Then and only then did I realize that—all along—I had been just another despicable Darth Vader, hurting those around me and enslaved to a wicked, destructive emperor called sin.  The redemptive work of the Son brought me to repentance, and I died to that master , reborn to walk with newness of life in Christ.

Burn that black armor upon the funeral pyre; Darth Vader has been freed from his garb of death.

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