Obsession & Guilt plague Spider-man Too

As mentioned in our last post, Hollywood is determined to keep Spider-man swinging strong in the new film out this summer. I uncovered an audio review for my favorite flick in the franchise, Spider-man 2 (and I’m far from alone in that assessment) and not just because my favorite Spidey villain was always Doctor Octopus. Part 1 dealt more generically with the comic book character, so here is part 2 (which assumes you’ve seen the 2004 film and contains spoilers).

What the film tackles brilliantly is the primary characters and how ALL of them – protagonist and antagonist, and those inbetween – operate out of some form of obsession. We also pit Peter Parker’s axiom and claim to “responsibility” against the fullness of his actions, and discuss the unstable foundation of guilt that actually spurs him on.┬áLastly, the poster campaign proclaimed this film would deal with three particular concepts…

  1. Choice

  2. Destiny

  3. Sacrifice

…so we measure up the concepts and characters in the following discussion and how they relate to our less spidery, human story.

Excelsior, true believer!

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