8 reasons SUPER 8 was Super Gr8

One of my favorite films of 2011, J.J. Abrams’ flashback/homage to the classic works of Spielberg taps into 4 essential components of his filmmaker’s late 70s to early 80s films:

  1. panoramic, storybook skylines
  2. extraterrestrials disrupting suburban, middle-class life
  3. relational struggles between parent/child
  4. excessive use of lens flare

You can just feel the entire film is a narrative expression of J.J. looking at Steven saying “I love you man!” However, the film isn’t just your typical, monster/alien-incursion-forces-coming-of-age-story… it also pulls our heartstrings with some pretty universal themes related to:

  1. coping with loss
  2. struggling with forgiveness
  3. the need for reconciliation
  4. being truly “known” by another

For a look at the film’s various elements contrast with parallel truths and important questions for our own lives, check out the video review.

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