Biblical Manhood/Womanhood in Pop Culture

1206572112160208723johnny_automatic_NPS_map_pictographs_part_67.svg.medPop culture rarely yields a motherlode when it comes to examples of biblical manhood or womanhood, but occasionally you strike a narrative vein or sift metaphorical gold dust from the examples in media. Just as the apostle Paul stripped a few lines from Athenian poetry that were applicable to the true, triune God, we should keep eyes peeled for examples of true men and women, from good Samaritans to pursuant bridegrooms, from unerring affections to women of wit and wisdom. I had the opportunity to grab snippets of cinema for two recent posts on the Mars Hill blog, the first on men and the sequel on women.

I believe these kinds of observations make great conversation starters in the culture we co-habitate with those who worship Jesus and those who don’t.

4 Inadvertent Examples of Biblical Manhood in Pop Culture

4 Inadvertent Examples of a Biblical Womanhood in Film

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