Film and Apologetics? Or: What We’re All About

20140116_200232 I was recently asked to speak at an apologetics conference in Alabama, and my first thought was “why”? I talk about movies and God as storyteller. After some thought, I realize that another way of looking at Cinemagogue is that, in many ways, how we examine cinema often takes a slice of the teleological argument and moral argument in understanding our storytelling impulse and recurring patterns in our narratives. Also, our understanding of myth is ultimately nothing more than the ontological argument for God’s existence with a slice of pop culture on top. Wow…

0330chewbacca“You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.”
– Han Solo

“That doesn’t sound too hard…” – Leia Organa

(Thanks for the reality check, Princess.) Seriously, if those collegiate terms mean nothing to you, that’s okay: I don’t generally think in those terms and it was crazy to have a plenary session sandwiched between Professors, PhDs and Masters Degrees, while I’m talking about the canon of Star Trek, the Lois/Lex Dichotomy, and why we get the Pandora blues. As I put together the session, however, I realize how it encapsulates the heart and soul of what this website is about in a 45 minute video, a primer for what I expand on in the Cinemagogue book and what I and others continue with reviews and ideas here.

Thanks to Tactical Faith and TCA Apologetics (more specifically Scott and Matt!) for capturing this so elegantly and cutting it together to make me look more organized than I really am.

Now I’ve got to start working on a lecture that examines The Chewbacca Defense

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