Putting Movies in the right FRAME…

How do we redeem our understanding of entertainment so it is mindful instead of mindless? I have my own cinemaphile’s ways of articulating it, but my buddy Matt turned me on to this post featuring some thought-provoking questions by John Frame. You might not find this guy on IMDB, but this American philosopher and Calvinist theologian, especially noted for his work in epistemology and presuppositional apologetics, systematic theology, and ethics, has more degrees than Kevin Bacon.

Some ministers, priests, pastors and theologians – as well as many thoughtful people with no official spiritual office, save perhaps “human” – often ask me how I come up with a lot of what I do for Cinemagogue. While Dr. Frame and I don’t think exactly the same way (read that any way you want, but mostly he thinks a LOT, and I think… less) his list is a pretty comprehensive stab at working through basic issues, parallels and application.

Who wrote the film? What about its aesthetics? Is it true to its own position? What are the chief images, historical or religious themes? These and many other great questions are available on Justin Taylor’s blog Between Two Worlds, available here.

I’m curious what others think…

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