I thought my friends and I were crazy when we had a Lord of the Rings day and watched all three EXTENDED editions, totaling some eleven and a half hours not counting disc changeovers, bathroom breaks, and some food. I’ve even known a few Star Wars fans who have done a six-movie marathon, which must be akin to a three-film dentist appointment followed by a three-scoop cinema-cone from Baskin Robbins to soothe and cool the prequel pain. My wife’s been trying to lovingly coerce me into having another day-long movie party and I’ve been holding back. There is something oddly religious about devoting so much time stooping before the screen in a posture of quiet, flickering worship that I’ve staved off having a flick-fest. However, if I were to measure things subjectively, it pales in comparison to the World Record-setting event chronicled in the Seattle P.I. last week:

Duo Claim record by watching 57 films in 123 hours

As worship is ultimately indicated by where we pour our time, treasure, and talent, this seemed worthy of an entry in the halls of Cinemagogue. Now my wife is picking out dates for LOTR as we speak…

  1. Doug

    Best summary of the Star Wars series evar.

  2. Slipstream

    Watching Clone Wars Volumes 1 & 2 in between Episodes II & III makes viewing three waaaaay better and fun to watch. Its sad how that series runs laps around the films.

  3. D. Scott Phillips

    I own the LOTR special edition dvds, and I have watched them through a few times, most noteably during a long Thanksgiving weekend in college (one film/day).

    I’ve entertained the thought of watching them through all at once, but never followed through.
    It feels like such a devotion of my life, 11 and a half hours, an entire day spent on film. On the other hand, they are high quality, and I find my faith is encouraged by watching them..

    I think you may have inspired me to stock up on coffee, caffeinated tea, possibly some red bull, and a crate of clothespins..

  4. Terry

    I did the same a few summers ago. An entire day going through all the LOTR Extended Dvd’s. I have to say it was awsome, since I love the films themselves.. Well worth it at least once.

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