Cinema GO-GO…

Well, it’s officially back. With a few glitches and some streamlining to do, Cinemagogue is back on the cinematic wagon, kicking off with a multi-part review of Taken, this writer’s favorite film in January. There are a few new rules and things to expect…

  • No longwinded synopses – between wikipedia, IMDB, and a billion websites we don’t need to reiterate the entire movie plot for you before reviewing it. It’s insulting your intelligence and not worth either of our time.
  • Multi-part reviews – take a little bit each day as we explore the narrative themes, truisms, and just plan cool things about the films in question. You live a busy life and we’ll try to respect that instead of bombarding you with 8,000 word examinations. Life is more than a soundbite, but it’s also good to pace yourself.
  • FRESH content weekly – it’s hard, it’s fun, and it’s what we’re going to bring to the table. Thanks for participating with us, we hope you benefit.

Get started by priming yourself for this week’s review of TAKEN.

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