Bourne Three Takes Three, Targeting Audio Awards

I was excited to see The Bourne Ultimatum get three Oscars, which I would say are well deserved. Of course, if you asked me what the differences are between “Best Achievement in Sound”, “Best Achievement in Editing”, and “Best Achievement in Sound Editing”, I would be hard pressed to differentiate between them. Fortunately, Director Paul Greengrass’ brisk, jarring documentary style didn’t win the “Best Achievement in making my wife seasick” award like the second installment, The Bourne Supremacy, did.

I posted a written review on the Bourne movies a while back, but since the third film won two awards for aspects of audio, I thought it prudent to post the audio review I did of The Bourne Ultimatum for a live audience in December ’07.

NOTE: this 30 minute review assumes you have seen the Bourne trilogy and contains spoilers.

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