One last BIG kick from INCEPTION

inception_bigWell, Christopher Nolan’s film has received it’s Oscar nod, and yet I have a feeling the Academy will wind up giving our “Best Picture” to something overinflated, overwrought, and overadulated like Black Swan. While I’m still not convinced the 10-movie nominations are for anything except ratings, I’m happy to see some of the movies get a resurgence in the spotlight. We’ve certainly given it coverage here in our multi-part review series.

I was able to speak at a hosted viewing of Inception in Seattle’s University District, not only speaking to the aspects of subjectivity and biblical ramifications of Inception, but taking a look at the recurring themes in Nolan’s body of work. What came of this was over 45 minutes of audio commentary on Nolan’s work, his dreamy 2010 opus, and the gospel. I’ll be doing a Canadian viewing and discussion of the film coming up this weekend in Vancouver.

Hopefully it won’t put you to sleep, but then again… maybe you already are.

Inception TotemNOTE: The 47 minute audio exploration assumes you’ve watched the film and contains spoilers. Lots of spoilers. EPIC spoilers.

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