More than Meets the Eye… and Ear

Anyone who’s perused this site and added up the number of posts knows that I’m a Transformers fan. I mean come ON, I was an eleven year old boy when they debuted; it was inevitable.

So… welcome to the gateway of all things Transformer.

Whether it’s commentary on the fatherly nature of Optimus Prime, musings about fan favorites Bumblebee and Starscream, or the text review of the “live-action” film by Michael Bay, it’s evident I’m paying attention. Most recently, I was asked to speak about the latest film at a recent Cinemagogue Event, unraveling this coming-of-age story with giant robots, and revealing how the narrative is merely a classic, timeless narrative in disguise. The transforming robots serve as a backdrop for the transforming life of Sam Witwicky, played with verve by Shia LeBeouf.

This audio review contains plot spoilers and assumes you have seen the film.

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