Should I use the L-word?

mypicture-300x225I wonder… has lecture become a bad word? I confess, I can listen to hours of good teaching at a stretch, but use the “L-word” (lecture, not the other one) and even my autonomic yawn kicks in. Hopefully, that won’t dissuade folks from enjoying the lec- um… “talk” I was privileged to deliver at our West Seattle Campus. I capped off a five-part l—— series called “Christianity and-“. To no one’s surprise, my topic was Christianity and Culture.

My co-laborers over at The Resurgence posted the audio and some helpful notes. It’s a great primer for those interested in engaging popular culture and entertainment with a gospel focus, reorienting our lives around Jesus’ mission instead of segregating or compartmentalizing our time spent in front of stages, screens, and projected images.

You can check out the text and download the audio here

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