Starting, Sans Kick

It’s been a fun and exciting month with out Kickstarter initiative, seeing old and new faces coming along to support the book and continuance of Cinemagogue.

We received well over 10K in pledges and some fantastic encouragement from those backers and others. Using the external platform allowed us to meet some new faces, have more interactions, and gain some new participants in our ongoing conversation about the fiction we engage and the great story it resonates with. That alone makes all the effort worth it!

The “bad” news is that Kickstarter’s platform is “all or nothing” so if that occurs, no funds electronically changed hands at the end. The good news is we spent the last month considering that possibility (what if we only had around 10K?) and asking what we might do to achieve these desired goals for less money. Thanks to some offers of free editing the last 30 days, and some new publishing support… it’s feasible! The only difference should be: instead of the planned addition of 100 new reviews online from October 2012 – October 2013, we’ll extend the time required to get all those done through the end of 2013 (15 months instead of 12). The book and all other aspects can move forward as planned.

We’ve asked all the pledging backers on the Kickstarter platform to take one extra step and give via PayPal so we can move forward with the money we have and get things rolling. Donations are already starting to roll in and our goal is to collect those pledges this weekend… and any other donations if our other readers would like to join them in supporting us. Just click here or use the donate button below.

It’s just that simple. Rewards will be honored and we’ll simply press forward with what God has provided! Thanks for all of the prayer as well as your heart for seeing this move forward! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know. For now, I have to get back to work on our Looper review…

Watch to glorify. Create to Magnify!

– James Harleman


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