Vanity & Lost Sleep, Demons & Fate, Cannibalism & Cross

Hey, didn’t you teach or write about that one movie that one time…?

Teaching Film and Theology for years, and contributing reviews to several websites, people have been asking if these reviews would ever find their way onto Cinemagogue. So, I’ll periodically be slogging through the old hard drive and placing these in archival form on the site, posting when an archive batch is dropped.

Be warned, these aren’t all movies I like, or endorse… some of them are just weak, and others aren’t for the timid. Two, however, number among my all-time favorites. Here’s the first of several batches featuring the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (though not the Eastwood film of the same title).

Citizen Kane
The Passion of the Christ
The Exorcist
Final Destination 3

I don’t recommend a marathon mixing these; it would truly bend the brain. In any case, they’re some of my favorite reviews, if not films, so I hope you enjoy.

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