SPECTREs and Siblings Shaken on Screenfish


I had the opportunity to team up with my friends at Screenfish and weigh in on the latest entry in the Bond franchise, SPECTRE. I make a new friend in Steven Norton, but also find I now have an arch-nemesis…

screenfishlogo-under1Check out the podcast review on Screenfish.net, or on their iTunes podcast. (You can also listen in the player below or download.)

For me, all four Daniel Craig Bond films have had something to enjoy. I feel Quantum of Solace is underrated, and Skyfall is overrated. While not feel complete in itself, QoS works brilliantly as an “Act III” to the cliffhanging Casino Royale. Skyfall‘s “subway-crash controlling” villain took the franchise to moments of Roger-Moore-era absurdity that made me roll my eyes.. And so, with Casino Royale still my favorite, I found SPECTRE to be a wonderful bookend, second to CS, leaving the theater satisfied and hoping this closes the arc of Craig’s run.

Indeed, it brought everything full circle with a narrative that hearkens back to one of mankind’s oldest, classic conflicts. Additionally, the notion of one who is justly judge, jury and executioner is tempered with an explanation of that person’s ability to give grace. We also discuss why the character has endured, including his single-mindedness and unflappability.

Thanks again to Screenfish for letting me play in their pond! Be sure to visit their site for more resources.



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