Getting Personal with Popcorn Theology

I hope it never ceases to feel weird when people say “you inspired me” or “you changed my life”. After more than a decade of expressing myself in regard to film and theology, I’ve reached that point where people I barely know tell me that something I’ve said or done has had significant impact on their thought life, actions, or relationship with our master storyteller. To be honest, it makes me feel the following:

  1. OLD: apparently to some, I am the “father of film and theology”. Heh. I believe one even said “grandfather”. Yikes.

  2. HUMBLED: the more people really know me, the more they know how absurd it is that anything out of this mouth has inadvertently helped anybody.

  3. ARROGANT: then I’m all like Han Solo, treating someone’s comment about “impacting their life” like when Princess Leia professes her undying love…

200_s (3)

…or when Han is advised caution confronting Biker Scouts…


…so, basically, what I’m saying is that I’m Han Solo…

…which is also arrogant, thinking I’m anywhere close to being Han. Freaking. Solo.


After that brief existential struggle, wherein God reminds me that the point of the Grinch was that his heart – not his head – needed to grow three sizes that day, I repent and seek to simply thank the encouraging person and give the glory to God.

All that to say, the folks at Popcorn Theology asked to do an interview with me, not about a specific movie but just my ministry, book, passions, favorite films, etc. Check out the interview here:


If you enjoy it, go ahead and subscribe to their podcast and/or bookmark the site! Thanks again for the opportunity, Richard and David!





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