X-Men: Reviews of Future Podcast

Sometimes you need to do things as a team.

Wolverine learned this over the course of seven films, and now goes back to disciple the man who discipled him in X-Men: Days of Future Past. I decided, like Logan, to jump in and do a review as a team with Mikey Fissell and other cohorts as part of his podcast for reelworldtheology.com. I may take a stab at my own spin-off, solo review in days to come but this tackles the issues from multiple angles.


After some inane banter, I promise we discuss what I prefer to call the “Wolverine series” of films guest starring the X-Men and then zero in on the themes of this latest installment, which sets up what will likely be actual ensemble films in the future. Or the Past. Whatever. From the reelworldtheology site:

“The X-Men Universe has always been one of the most obvious stories to discuss the allegory of marginalization found, even today, in society. This film also gives us more developed characters than previous films and that has us wrestling with the themes of regret, fear, hope, and what it’s like to be faster than everyone else in the room…”

Download Episode 026 Here:
Reel World Theology #026 – X-Men and Days of Future Milestones
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