Pacific Northwest Cinemagogue Conference

It’s my hope that, eventually, you stop listening to me.

Cinemagogue_BOOKEncouraging feedback from pastors, filmmakers, students and homemakers has provided some of the most potent fuel to keep the fires burning at Cinemagogue. What especially gets me thrilled is when I hear stories of replication: stories of others using story as a springboard to conversation about the greatest story ever told. As people not only appreciate my heart, but attune their own to a God-honoring understanding and expression, my ultimate goal is truly achieved.

I’d be a big fat liar to suggest I don’t enjoy accolades, but the notion that others embrace and express an idea that was never truly mine to begin with makes my soul leap for joy at the advance of truth that’s bigger than me, greater than all my gifts, and more awesome than my offerings. I’m not the well from which this springs, and as others drink, enjoy, and choose to pour out for others it keeps me humble to be part of a team and perhaps even surpassed.

That’s why we’re throwing a free, local Cinemagogue conference.

I’ve been blessed to travel and speak as part of other conferences and will be headed out of country soon to do some speaking and teaching away from home. Thanks to some gracious hosts north of Seattle, however, it was high time I spent a weekend offering some free teaching in my backyard on the why and how of Cinemagogue, film and theology, and understanding story. I wrote a book in response to requests for understanding and education, but a book only supplements – doesn’t replace – good old fashioned teaching, dialogue, and relationship.


Learn how to do this for yourself and others.

Join me April 19 and 20 for a weekend of film and exploring why we love movies and story, how this is framed by a Christian worldview, and some challenges to common preconceptions about WHY we watch, HOW we watch, and WHAT we should watch. Again, admission is free. We’ll start Friday night by watching the Academy Award winning “Les Miserables” and then follow up Saturday with the schedule as follows:


  • 6:30pm Introduction to Film & Theology
  • 7:00pm Film Showing: Les Miserables


  • 9:00am Session 1: Down the Rabbit Hole
  • 9:45am Session 2: Redefining Entertainment
  • 10:30am Session 3: The Story of Story
  • 11:15am Session 4: Navigating Narrative
  • 11:45am Lunch Break
  • 1:00pm Session 5: Braving Culture
  • 1:45pm Q&A
  • 2:30pm Closing

Why do humans tell stories? What do ALL stories have in common? Can your favorite movie, book or television show really bring you closer to God, the Master Storyteller? Learn how to enjoy cinema and story for ALL they’re worth in this weekend of film clips, pop-culture littered lectures, plus Q&A, and leave better equipped to employ story for God’s glory.

You can RSVP to the event and invite others here.


And yes – sigh – although it always weirds me out just a tiny bit, I will sign a book as people wish.

Remember, if you’re not in the Pacific Northwest but would love to bring the teaching and example of Cinemagogue to your area, check out our speaking page and consider booking an event for your church or institution. The hope is to inspire, equip, tell my tale and then get the heck out of the way, as we all listen and follow the lead of a much better, masterful (Master) Storyteller. His is the greatest story worth lifting up, standing on the shoulders of every tale we tell high above and ultimate.

  1. Jim McNeely

    This looks fantastic! Its the same weekend as the Mockingbird conference in NYC, which I’m going to, or I would come to this. Too bad! Blessings…

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