D is the only thing silent in DJANGO

Albeit controversial, I didn’t find overall that Django Unchained glorified the wrong things.

In fact, its rather honest portrayal of man’s inhumanity to man may be a provocative way to fuel conversations about whether or not we are any “better” today.

Furthermore, although the climax of the film might not be something we should hope to see achieved by the hands of man, does it reveal a longing in our heart that someone truly righteous might finally dole out vengeance and deal with man’s depravity?

In our video review, we look at three deeper themes that emerge from this story in regard to slaverysinfulness, and an orgy of blood that amounts to salvation by slaughter.

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  1. Michael

    Excellent review. I picked up some of the themes in this movie, but your insights are mind blowing as always. The part that most intrigued me was how Schultz almost “sacrificed” himself for the freedom of Django and Broomhildi. Also, Steven is a good reminder of how wicked I am if I feel superior among other sinners, when in fact I am just one of them.

    Keep up the good work James!

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