PROMETHEUS: Confronting the Creator

Taking the familiar backdrop of the ALIEN universe he helped create in 1979 and the themes of creature confronting creator in Blade Runner, director Ridley Scott stylishly revisits these basic human questions in the gripping film Prometheus. In our last post, we already looked at the host of fears covered by the 1979 film set in this same fictional universe, and now find this narrative exploring the following ideas:

  • Are we made in the “image and likeness” our creator?

  • Did our maker instill within us the ability to seek and find him?

  • Were we created with purpose and direction?

  • Does our creator owe us these answers?

  • What if our creator doesn’t care for us?

  • Does our creator have the right to do with us as he pleases?

 Whether it’s the notion of directed panspermia, what our purpose is as created beings, or if we even can know or deserve these answers, the film has a wide array of thoughtful points to create conversation.Check out our video review below, then buy the film on DVD or Blu-ray and have a movie party with friends!

Choose from viewing options below or watch it on YouTube.

For even more (spoiler-filled) comments about the film, check out the next post.


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