It’s Groundhog Day again (& again)

“Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on its smiling face a dream… of spring.”

What to do now that we’ve got six extra weeks of winter? We find ourselves in the shadow of Groundhog Day

Hard to believe a cute little 1993 feel-good film about Punxsatowney Phil and Gobbler’s Knob, starring SNL alumnus Bill Murray, would be deemed by some “One of the best films of the last 40 years…” and “required viewing for the course ‘Religion, Ethics, and Film”. Still, when a spritely holiday comedy film by Harold Ramis finds itself being compared to the works of Nietzsche and Camus, you can’t help but scratch your head. Is this the result of a great story, or people reading into things because they’re holed up due to six extra weeks of winter?

A Twilight Zone style event makes an irascible weatherman relive the same day over and over again, until he’s forced to confront some important things about himself, the world around him, and what he’s living for. A great article by Justin Taylor praising the film made me relive it all over again, and we hosted a film event where I got to sift the host of commentary on the film and sprinkle in some apt scripture as it applied. If you look deep enough into this film, might it look into you? Let’s see who swerves first…

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