Sibling Rivalry and Daddy issues in Thor

thorTwo archetypal sons are examined in this 2011 summer blockbuster, hammering home deep truths about jealousy and pride that have existed long before even Jacob and Esau in the Bible. Marvel’s film adaptation of Thor examines how we relate to ourselves, others, and our father – both earthly and heavenly.

250px-Thor-272While I did a spoiler free short video review on the film, I was privileged to view the film with a few hundred folks, pulling apart the narrative engine and hammering on its essential components. This audio review assumes you’ve seen the film (i.e. contains spoilers) and delves deeply into the background of the comic book character and the film adaptation.

The film deals with power and privilege and how we use that which we’ve been given, spinning out into the most basic pitfalls of arrogance and jealousy. It also looks at the nature of discipline, and the reality that how we respond to being humbled is often the anvil on which our natures are truly hammered and character is actually forged.

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