Punxsatowney Phil Can’t Keep Spirits Down…

Depending on your view, some “punx” may have just ruined your spring for 2010. Personally, I love winter – long coats, warm scarf, my wife in cute mittens and a cat-eared furry hat… so a little March snow brings fond memories and builds new ones. The assemblage at Gobbler’s Knob is good news for me. This YouTube video clearly tells us that, if we believe caged wildlife who sees his shadow based on a committee decision, we’ve got six more weeks of winter.

My good friends over at Mars Hill are hosting a film event where I’ll get to espouse the cinematic splendor and scintillating themes of the Bill Murray classic, Groundhog Day. Although it’s always held a warm place in my heart, I also stumbled onto a great article by Justin Taylor that ascribes groundhog_dayto it a greatness beyond my speculation. I’m not saying he’s wrong, but “One of the best films of the last 40 years…” is high praise indeed, and “required viewing for the course ‘Religion, Ethics, and Film'” made me realize I need to give this some above-average study and prep.

What do you guys think? Is Justin Taylor right? Of course, it isn’t lost on me that part of prepping will mean watching it over… and over… and OVER

  1. Dave Roper

    Not quite one of the best films of the past 40 years, but along with Airplane! and Some Like it Hot, one of the finest comedy films of all time. I am greatly looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the film and will watch it again myself in dilligent preparation.

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