STAR TREK (part 2) BOLDLY goes back

jj-abrams-star-trekThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has changed the Best Picture nomination section to include TEN nominees this year… but somehow I doubt my favorite film of 2009 will make the list… AGAIN (I still don’t forgive them for snubbing The Dark Knight, and neither should you).

Get your geek on with me in the following audio overview. Armed with a phaser, my Mego Captain Kirk action figure, and Captain Kirk’s Guide to Women, I had the opportunity to discuss the joys of creative constraints, Gene Roddenberry‘s similarity with an overbearing preacher, J.J. Abrams hyperactive lens-flare, and the back-to-basics revolution that revitalized a franchise. Although the marketing machine for the film billed it as “not your father’s Star Trek”… it actually recaptured the heart of the mythos that had been literally lost in space.

The first 20 minutes spotlights the phenomenon of Star Trek, followed by 10 minutes on the artistic/cinematic elements of the film, and a final 30 unravels the character archetypes and narrative themes.

Thanks to Mars Hill for hosting a full house packed Film and Theology event in December 2009.

  1. Dave Roper

    Yes indeedy, Star Trek was the nuts. I cannot believe I still haven’t got around to seeing it on DVD. Still living off the memories of seeing it in the cinema. Loved it that they took the time to off the anonymous guy in the red shirt.

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