Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

who’s the greatest character of them all?

Apparently, Tyler Durden is the greatest film character of all time, according to a recent poll.

Durden, the enigmatic revolutionary figure played by Brad Pitt in the David Fincher directed Fight Club, beat out the Godfather, Han Solo and even Darth Vader for the top spot. Not bad for a film with mixed reviews and disappointing box office. The cult classic has apparently picked up steam since being released in 1999. The story popped up in several places including the Internet Movie Database and Hollywood Scoop, which lists the top ten.

What does our affection and resonance with Tyler Durden say about our culture? What does it say about you? The whole list makes for fascinating rumination on our view of heroes, anti-heroes, and our love of villains. Brew some coffee and go deep with this one folks. For our old review of Fight Club, click here.

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