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Illusion of Good Intentions

I keep expecting director Christopher Nolan to swing and miss. He gave us a stirring Memento, wrestled with Insomnia, ensured that Batman Begins, and capped things
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The Story of Story…

“I wanted to believe, more than most I wanted to be like a child again.” – Cleveland Heep Cleveland Heep discovers that beyond the veil of
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“If you ain’t first, you’re last” – Ricky Bobby

It was a joy and pleasure to discuss the deep spiritual implications of Talledega Nights: The Ballard of Ricky Bobby last month in North Seattle. Yes,
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Monotony, Singleness, & Dating in SHAUN OF THE DEAD

Shaun of the Dead is a tremendously romantic movie… …with blood. And zombies (oops, don’t use the Zed word). The movie also inspires a lot of

Spider-man 2 has legs (and arms)

Peter Parker spins another web of comedy, drama and spandex as he wrestles with a tentacled villain and his own self-doubt, in what may be the