The Titans’ WRATH is watching this movie

Here’s a thankfully brief look at Wrath of the Titans, considering the real wrath you’ll feel is the almost unbearable price of watching this movie. If push comes to shove and you really want fantasy/action, watch the “Clash” again instead, with comparably better direction and actors. Still, if you find yourself really bored or at the cheap theater in your neighborhood, however, there are a few points to chew on as Sam Worthington limps and flits across the ancient Greek CGI landscape.

The film isn’t sure what to do with the concepts of prayer, hanging the film’s major problem on our lack of it yet depicting “gods” that aren’t worthy of it either. Better yet, we find the god of the underworld in a scene lamenting that there isn’t any life after death. Yes, I’m serious.

Less Iliad and Odyssey than idiots and audacity, Wrath of the Titans still winds up revealing some of our own culture’s confusion with prayer, and our collective fear that the material existence is all there is.

Watch on Youtube or using the browser below.


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