The APOCALYPSE of Film & Theology

book-of-Eli2Are you anywhere near Seattle? You’re welcome to join us Friday in NE Seattle for a viewing of The Book of Eli in its entirety, followed by exposition and discussion. In fact, no matter where you are, you can start walking “west” like Eli and make it a cross-country journey to join us for the apocalyptic event.

Details for the Event and RSVP are available here.

Attendees are also invited to dress in their favorite post-apocalyptic garb, whether it’s sporting some Fallout 3 gear or Mad Max inspired leathers, cyperpunk attire or steampunk fashion, anything from Trigun to Solarbabies, express yourself and we’ll have a prize for the best world-ending outfit. However, boys are not allowed to bring their dogs.

fallout_3_03_1920x1080In addition to Cinemagogue, I’ve been lovingly provided with a space to do monthly film events for many years. “Film & Theology” has allowed us to host movie events and speak about the narrative themes and reasons for engaging narrative that Cinemagogue is all about, live and with a mixed audience of backgrounds and worldviews, and we’ve been able to post the audio from those post-film talks. In truth, this format is what gave birth to this website and the resources and teaching that has culminated in over a decade of study and practice. However, as this facility is shifting owners we’re going to close up shop on Film & Theology for the summer and, God willing, seek a new way to reboot it in the fall.

In other words, it’s not just an apocalyptic movie but potentially the end of this tradition in its current form, which has run monthly for years. It may not be as devastating as a post-nuclear landscape, but hopefully you’ll join us as we usher in the end of the Film & Theology world.

  1. Jonathan Van Antwerp

    Sad to see Film and Theology shut down even temporarily, but really looking forward to Friday!

  2. solomani

    Hi James,
    I watched the Book of Eli with my wife on the weekend here in Hong Kong. Without spoiling it the verse that jumped out at me when watching it was Isaiah 55:11.

    On the technical side do you just need to find a new hosting service? If so that should be straightforward I would imagine?

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