It’s Always Darkest before the DAWN TREADER

Narnia fans are getting a Christmas present this year… in 3D. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer shows us a glimpse of the upcoming return to C.S. Lewis’ allegorical wonderland. After a lackluster showing for Prince Caspian and subsequent drop by Disney, die-hard fans of the allegorical series have been concerned about the delay and switch to 20th Century Fox. The trailer, however, suggests a seamless transition devoid of major stylistic differences.

Like many, I was underwhelmed by Caspian and hope the newest entry restores my faith in the film series. It’s also my wife’s favorite book of the seven, so I hope the adaptation does it justice and sets up the sequels for a full run. With Potter and Twilight finding enough audience interest to extend their final books into two films, I’d hate to see Lewis’ classic stories with undeniable biblical parallels dwindle and die.

What do YOU think of the trailer, and the film series? Does the 3D addition bother you? Share your thoughts here.

  1. Aaron

    It looks like a lot was learned from the mistakes of Wardrobe and Caspian, at least fr making trailers. We will have to see.

  2. Elliott

    I hope that they do not utterly butcher this book like they did with Prince Caspian. I can only hope that 20th Century Fox does things better than Disney did.

  3. Caitlyn

    Thank you for posting that James, cause I am definately caught up in Twilight fever and would have missed this!
    It looks fantastic! And I’m just hoping that it will stick closer to the book then the last couple, because this one is my favorite!

  4. Keith

    Here is hoping that they stick to the book. After all, why rewrite a tale told so masterfully? All they have to do is bring the images to life. That can’t be too hard, can it?

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