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crimson peak

I joined in with my friend Mikey and others at Reel World Theology for a joint review of Del Toro’s Crimson Peak with commentary on the horror genre. We have some lively discussion about J.J. Abrams, Star Wars, the new influential directors in Hollywood, and what truly makes a film a horror film. I also find a kindred horror-loving spirit in Mikey’s other guest, JR Forasteros.

Check out the Crimson Peak Podcast HERE

These guys are doing a LOT of great work at Reel World Theology and I’ve had the pleasure to join them before with:

Mikey did me the courtesy of a sit-down interview a few years back.

JR Forasteros has a website of his own, with the brilliantly shaggy name

Naturally, if you like Cinemagogue and enjoy my collaborative work with these guys on the podcasts, you should subscribe and dig into stuff that doesn’t include me: these guys know their spirituality and cinema and are a complimentary resource I’d highly recommend.

One joy that’s rejuvenated me this last year is seeing others doing similar work, and receiving the joy of being told I’ve been an inspiration and instrument that ignited their passion. Imitation is indeed the highest form of flattery, and guys like Mikey and others have gone past imitation to really carrying the baton. Hats off to Reel World Theology and other sites that embody the heart of Cinemagogue: watch to glorify.





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