Legacy and The MUPPETS

Muppets’ creator Jim Henson passed away on May 15, 1990 but his legacy lives on. I think a lot of people were initially skeptical when The Muppets trailer debuted, uncertain if the franchise could – or should – be refreshed for a new generation. Thanks to the efforts of actor and Muppet aficionado Jason Segel (and many others) the film succeeded narratively and financially. Segel is quoted as saying the Muppets meant more to him than laughs, that in his youth they “shaped who he wanted to be”.

The same is true of me: I gleaned a lot of childhood wisdom from Kermit the Frog, a dash of adventurous spirit from Gonzo the Great, and ALL of my humor from Fozzie the Bear (seriously, pray for my wife). I bet Segel and I aren’t the only ones, either. These characters are indeed funny, but much more, and even the latest installment offers an abundance of important themes for all ages including what it means to grow up (maturity) and who we’re meant to be: our “calling”. It’s also, naturally, hilarious for kids of ALL ages. The “man or muppet” power ballad alone is worth the DVD/Soundtrack combo.

As they say in their song, The Rainbow Connection: is there a voice calling your name? Is there someone or something you’re “supposed” to be? Get the most out of The Muppets by adding understanding and conversation to how and why we love them. An audio review of The Muppets┬áis featured in this post, and a special video version can be viewed on Youtube.

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