One CRAZY summer… no Cusack

This has NOTHING to do with Demi Moore and John Cusack in the 1986 (classic?) film directed by Savage Steve Holland. It has EVERYTHING to do with me, however, and why the site has lay fallow for the last few months.

abrams-startrek_111The summer movies have come and go with a wash of explosions, CGI, mixed reviews, and lots of money (well, a lot of money unless you’re an amazing, economical phenomenon like District 9). From books and comics, toys and television, history and revisionist history, we’ve been Terminated and Transformed, spelled by Harry Potter and bitten by Cobra, all while making Public Enemies and meeting Inglourious Basterds. Personally, I feel visually pummeled… the cinematic equivalent of how I think James T. Kirk feels after an argument with a tetchy vulcan science officer.

So, with apologies to all the folks sending me emails clamoring for more cinemagoguery, it’s time to catch-up with the cinematic good, bad, and ugly this year and offer some fuel for conversation and debate, insight and incitement. Stay tuned for a 5-part review of Star Trek, followed by the other summer blockbusters, and a lot of random musings about the start of the new television season. In the (immortal?) words of Short Round: “Hang on lady, we goin’ for a RIDE.”

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  1. Steve Rush Garrett

    Welcome back – it has, indeed, been a very long summer! I did just see Inglorious Basterds, but had missed the new Star Trek; so i’ll be looking forward to your treatment.

  2. Scott

    Welcome back, it’s been far too long. I’m hoping that among the reviews will be your take on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.

  3. James Harleman

    DUDE, that would be sweet – did you see the good Doctor’s interruption of the Emmy’s?

  4. Jeremiah

    Trek was fun, more fun than just about anything Trek I’ve seen in the last decade and worth discussing in film & theology for sure. I have NOT seen District 9 and mean to amend that at some point.

    And if Heroes continues to stink for the rest of its duration Quinto should be glad he’s signed on for pointy ears! Surely by now the man does not need to earn any more nerd cred.

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