Is the salary or income from your business in Pakistan or if you are an OP abroad, shariah compliant. Is that automatic or I need to go to Pakistan to apply for the re-investment. This is a good blog for the information and rates of saving account in qaumi bachat bank in pakistan benefit of Pakistanis living abroad. The rates would apply which from time to time the Government under a notification announced. Pakistan is islamic republic country the Shariah scholars should look into this matters.

Hassan, Raheem Bhai’s advice is very correct. Fha streamline refinance loans 2.25 mortgage refinance are also charged a ufmip of. Shahid, it is wrong, as our religious leaders convince rates of saving account in qaumi bachat bank in pakistan you, that the Bank give you guarantee. Each government raises a slogan of welfare of overseas Pakistanis and their rehabiliation on their return eg.

Is it possible to re-invest the whole amount including accumulated profit. The fact is our governments have created many good schemes but people themselves have become lazy and unnecessary want agents because today people have too much money. Your query about Fatwa, Modaraba are int he same line.

However there had been practice in the past that some bank branches did accept these slips. If you are not sure you have proper knowledge about anything never try to put your in put as your defective knowledge could cause damage to anyone. I purchase DSC Rs 100000- and not collect any profit and certificate become mature, there is compound interest on this profit which i not collect. Search through millions of listings to find your next used car in the select an.

Since three decades that is why I always advise never the open an account (certificate/investment) on one single signature for which even in 1990 I got the banking procedure/system in Pakistan changed through rates of saving account in qaumi bachat bank in pakistan a human rights petitioin and (ii) never purchase National Savings Certificates as these can get lost, destroyed, get fire in home or floods and instead open “Account” with National Savings. My this small drafted declaration was then adopted in inserted in the new account opening forms by all Banks in Pakistan and legally still is being applied. It doesn’t explain very clearly how much profit i will receive after 3 years, also can you advise me what formula do they use to calculate the interest. In case of National Savings if the investment remains undrawn after its maturity it can be treated as reinvested but not automatically.

I shall go to Pakistan next month to encash them.Please let me know if I would get interest on Behbood and Pensioner Sav. May learn how to direct lender payday teletrack and bankruptcy loans no teletrack approval. In case of death of an investor, legally that account siezes from the date of dealth.

It would be more proper if these are payable at the same rates of saving account in qaumi bachat bank in pakistan city where the investment is intended to be made. The tampa debt settlement lawyers of stamatakis, debt settlement lawyer thalji and bonanno negotiate. The court issued orders that no single signature account will be opened and if one insists then he would have to submit a small declaration which I had drafted.

The pensioners of Federal Government, Provincial Governments, Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Armed Forces, Semi Government and Autonomous bodies are allowed to invest. With the exception of BSC and PBA, profit on all NSS is subject to deduction of withholding tax @ 10 in case the investment exceeds Rs.150,000/- under the Income Tax Law for the time being in force except Regular Income Certificate wherein no such exemption is available. The private houses, building surrounding Holy Qaba are requisitioned from their owners, of course of high price, in the name of providing more space to visiting Hajis and facilitate them ease.

Please read details at the following page. Dear Mr.Javed, As I can easily see you as a knowledgable person,and I agree that banking as per Islamic rule is not prevailant, just to clear some confusions I need your help regarding following points. That is why elders have very wisely said before arranging a “match” for your son/daughter, before any major operation, before buying property etc one must have a second advice / consultation from someone. I would appreciate it if you do reply please.

We live in Canada and were residing there when they were purchased on our behalf since we could not sign for them. Kindly check the following document at SBP website. If our govt acknowledge the importance of national financial support from expatriate pakistani,they should be given the status equal to senior citizens of pakistan. Can any one told me that when the prophit rate decreased by the govt what is the effect on already invested money.

The withholding tax is not collected on the profit earned on the deposits made in this scheme. I never encashed their six monthly profit. Shahrai-e-Faisal, Karachi tell him in which are you live and advise him to forward the same rates of saving account in qaumi bachat bank in pakistan to your area office otherwise advise him to register in the National Savings House. If the bank become bankrupt, as many banks have become in the past, then your as well as bank’s own share goes into the dust. I would appreciate if any body can help to find the right answer.

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Living abroad one can get Defence Certificates or any other similar items including opening of Bank account etc and even withdraw profits sitting abroad. It should be eliminated for overseas Pakistani’s. I have also asked my relative who is an mp in Jhelum which hasn’t helped either. It is only possible with National Savings Schemes which are government guaranteed and most safe in Pakistan.

Withdraw that money from that account and keep it elsewhere in account of your wife, son etc provided you think you father left that only and only for you and that other relatives are struggling to get it through legal process claiming also heirs. We have same problem in China but using VPN can resolve this issue. Salaam, I invested in the national defense certificate scheme for 10 years and at the time put it in mine and my daughters name, who was under 18 at the time. Yes you can again any time go back to National Savings. Your relative will receive the cash and send it.

It is reason I always advise people to invest in the Bank or in the National Savings or rates of saving account in qaumi bachat bank in pakistan may be operating a Locker, only and only opt Joint Account on Either or Survisor Basis. As a matter of principle you are quite right that those words should be honoured but you know the conditions in our beloved home. You can get payment abroad in US$ provided your payment was in foreign exchange/remitted from abroad. The deposits are maintained in the form of accounts and the profit is paid on monthly basis reckoned from the date of opening of the account.

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I can invest, and what documents are required. I want to keep untill 3 years from date of purchase. Your father purchased the certificates “for you and on your behalf” as you say, it is a tipical situation. You must have either photo copies of these Certificates or atleast having noted Certificates Serial Nos. Buy a mobile home from csra discount repo mobile homes for sale homes, south carolina, georgia. Govt will be able to fetch more investment in National schemes.

Unless true clear position is not known it is difficult to give answer. I think eevery thing they say about Overseas Pakistanis is a lip service. I have all the certificate numbers and my nadra card number and British passport and driving licence. Sitting abroad you can also get those certificates encashed by asking the National Savings to pay you through a Pay Order in Pak Rs. Someone told them that I would get interest rates of saving account in qaumi bachat bank in pakistan only uptil that date when he expired.

Any assets acquired against payment in foreign currency or maintained in foreign currency are to be treated as exempt from compulsory collection of Zakat. Religious and financial experts are invited to give their view point on this very sensitive issue. For the purpose of withholding tax deduction, presently Rs.150,000/- shall be deemed to be the limit. I am working overseas and find it quite attractive but having 0 knowledge hesitant to proceed further.

In case UR Father’s death.U have to produce death certificate + UR national ID Card + the certificate, they Must cash the cetificate Provided UR Father has nominated U as Beneficery……………….In case UR not Beneficiery than U have to get sucession Certificate from the Court. Mufti taqi usmani is world renowned scholors. Our character and reputation is open who knows us. If you are the one like majority that after once depositing you can not look after then go for defence savings.

They are all fooling you and people like you. As soon as this limit is exceeded the profit shall become liable to withholding tax beyond rates of saving account in qaumi bachat bank in pakistan which tax shall apply irrespective of whether the investment is in single or joint names. For we the middle class it is much better to put your that money into sewerage or in a river you will not regret at much what you will feel yourself sorry after 20-30 years if you indulge life insurance. She is referring to some advertisement appearing from so called Islamic bank in a newspaper.

I have not read or seen this advertisement. AOA yar ye sab chakar chorro aor Pakistan State Life ki Policy lo ta ki Aap na bhi raho to app kay ghar walon ko kisi ka agay hath na phelana parray. First of all I would like to be sure tht my income is 100% according to Shariah. Can investment in NDC be categorised as Modaraba arrangement if yes please explain.

Folks, Can anyone tell me whether buying National Saving Certificates is Halaal. So both at the time of purchase and your selling it will charge its service charges. There are Branches of Pakistani banks in various countries, but there is no branch of Directorate of National Savings. Remember it the day the first ever real Islamic bank true to the concept of Sharia is established any where in the world, the whole world not merely Muslims, even christians, Hindus, Jews will rush towards that Bank. Any declaration submitted after the 1st Shabban will be applicable for the next year and not for the current Islamic calendar year.

Helps you save more than interest with. In this case only for 9 months and I won’t get interest for the remaining 3 months. Never ask for repatriation in foreign currency which would be a big loss to you. Since proper information is not available rates of saving account in qaumi bachat bank in pakistan hence exact answer can not be given. On March,8 I asked a question about the procedure of encashmemnt of Special Saving Certificates in Pakistan having been purchased from outside Pakistan.

I sometime wonder why people do not read fully and start putting questions answers to which fully and exhaustively already this very fine website gives. Find and compare verizon cell phone plans deals. Alternatively sitting in UK you can get payment through a Pay Order in Pak Rupees for credit into your account in Pakistan. Hour payday loans direct lenders are intended cash lenders to prevent significant losses, as.

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I went to the Post Office and they encashed the certificates into my bank account including all profit.


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I have photocopies of her uk passport, overseas id card and an authorisation letter, but they are not willing to listen to anything I have to say.
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Please some one ell me regarding special saving certificates ie if i deposit 10,00,000 Rs in SSC how much profit i can get monthly and can i use the profit amount abroad by ATM/Debit card and this amount is called profit or interest. I m living in KSA and i m unable to open website of national saving center for the last one month i.e. I am using Astrilldotcom it is quite good and one can open all the blocked websites. Q.10 What is the procedure to invest in National Savings Schemes from abroad. Just to take advantage of the religious sentiments of the ordinary Muslim, these looters have invented different types of terminology like Islamic investment, Islamic shariah compliant etc. Withdrawal of profits on RIC is a big ordeal. Link to Financial News

An account, which is opened with foreign currency and out of which an account can be withdrawn in foreign currency or local currency does not change the nature of the account.

I would want something which is easier to get in and out from, as i dont go back so very often and for so long. However without even seeing that I wish Aysha and all others that in case they still have that advertisement then they must read that advertisement once more carefully. Using word “islamic” with a banking system is one of the big tool to ppick pocket the people like you. Special savings certificate lay saktay hein. Link to Financing News

Unfortunately there are no schemes specifically designed for overseas Pakistanis.

Second thing is how much monthly amount I will get on 1 Lakh. But my question the government revised/reduced the rates of profit in the year 2006 – 2007 – 2008 and etc. Dekho Bank Walay ya aam gharon main jo Comatti (BC) dali jati hai. I would like to have islamic banking account. The second important thing missing is what is present age of your son and at what age likely he would need this money. Link to Deft Financing News

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My plea was that no single signature account should be allowed in the country. I have 2 questions which are given below. They would just pass on your complaint to other party and their response (if they bother to answer) to you. I want the following information, if some one provideme that, I would be really greatful.

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National Savings is not a member of Clearing House. The said declaration can easily be submitted at the time of investment or after that, but it should be furnished before 1st Shabban so as to make it effective for the coming Ramadan. This is such a lengthy procedure that you will spent more on what you wished to get back the tax with=held from you. If you do not have proper knowledge please do not open mouth it may misguide someone.

To invest in National Saving Schemes, you have to ask someone in Pakistan to buy certificates on your behalf or wait until you go on leave. We should be given a break on withholding tax on the interest received on all our savings account or national savings investments.

I am from outside pakistan and i want to buy regular income certifcates or i will buy defence saving certificates. Are these Shariah complaint, to me it looks like these are interest rates, If NSO can explain to me the working and mechanism of how these funds are invested and put to use, I will be happy to invest. If I am not mistaken, in case of death of the account or certificates holder a clearance letter from the court is required.

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