CinemagOscars 2: Electric Boogaloo

In my last post, I dropped Cinemagogue’s Top 10 film of 2006, many of which toy with great themes of narrative, philosophy and spirituality. I also

CinemagOscars 2006

It’s March, it’s Seattle, and it’s snowing. it’s like the winter weather doesn’t want to admit that its season is over. Neither did the Academy this

An Inconvenient Oscar…

“Wow… I’d hate to have to follow THAT!” After a presumably moving moment of the 79th Annual Academy Awards, host Ellen Degeneres dropped that line, playing
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Monotony, Singleness, & Dating in SHAUN OF THE DEAD

Shaun of the Dead is a tremendously romantic movie… …with blood. And zombies (oops, don’t use the Zed word). The movie also inspires a lot of

“Heroes” Worship…

With five days of hell tucked squarely in Jack Bauer’s handbag, a sixth day (or, more accurately, sixth season) of Fox’s “24” seemed pretty much. well,

Jesus gets an Agent?

In the span of one week, my church received two screener DVDs of recent releases, our Acts 29 Director was in a conference call with Sylvester

Spider-man 2 has legs (and arms)

Peter Parker spins another web of comedy, drama and spandex as he wrestles with a tentacled villain and his own self-doubt, in what may be the
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X-Men: The Last Stand

When a cure is found to treat mutations, lines are drawn amongst the X-Men, led

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Out of Control

A review of “Final Destination 3”  One of the first images that greets us in James Wong and Glen Morgan’s third “Final” (?) installment is a