Spider-man Versus the Opera

Seattle Center offers diverse entertainment, if you’re willing to pony up for the parking. I found myself trying to find a stall under the shadow of


After enjoying Hot Fuzz for a Friday morning matinee, my wife and I ran to the store to pick up some Danish for a party the next

Man in a Hole: Who Throws the Rope?

CRACKING THE SECRET OF MOVIES AND NARRATIVE There’s something that makes me laugh harder than watching Will Ferrell and Jon Heder ice skate, a ridiculous line
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The Story of Story…

“I wanted to believe, more than most I wanted to be like a child again.” – Cleveland Heep Cleveland Heep discovers that beyond the veil of

Passion Points

My wife loves lists. Not just any lists, mind you, but particularly ones that boast the “Top” something or other; the “Top 10 Deadliest Animals” on
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“If you ain’t first, you’re last” – Ricky Bobby

It was a joy and pleasure to discuss the deep spiritual implications of Talledega Nights: The Ballard of Ricky Bobby last month in North Seattle. Yes,

America, Dead on Arrival?

Hollywood has recently green-lit a film based on chain-mail wearing, flag-wrapped, World War II super-soldier Steve Rogers, who many folks know as Marvel comics’ literally flagship
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I predict… disappointment.

Premonition Director: Mennan Yapo Cast: Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon TriStar Pictures, 2007 Rated: PG-13 According to Webster’s Dictionary, a premonition is “previous notice or advance warning”.

Come and Get Them…

In 480 B.C., Leonidas and his 300 Spartans sacrificed themselves to buy time for the Greeks as an army of Persians beyond count sought to conquer