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Marvel’s Second Hulk Transformation is SMASHING…

A Review of The Incredible Hulk (audio featured after written review below) Starring Ed Norton, Liv Tyler, and William Hurt Directed by Louis Letterier I can

Iron Man’s midlife crisis makes audiences cheer while fans soil themselves with glee

A review of IRON MAN (PG-13) by James Harleman (for an exploratory audio review of the film taught before a live audience, click HERE). I sat

Appropriacalypse Now

A Review of Doomsday (R) When a movie comes out called Doomsday, it invariably draws ones mind to many other end-of-world films that have graced (or
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Is it fate or chance that haunts the Children of Men?

Alfonso Cuarón’s film adaptation of the P.D. James’ book Children of Men is an incredible work of art marked by some of the most amazing cinematography
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From Harryhausen to Handycam: Beast from 20,000 YouTube Views

A Review of CLOVERFIELD by Pastor James Harleman Rated PG-13 Released January 18, 2008 Directed by Matt Reeves Produced by J.J. Abrams Rob Hawkins is not

Batman Vs. Superman…

Transcending pulpy paper and kiddie-comics, these global cultural icons have invaded nearly every entertainment medium since the 30s, from radio programs to billion dollar films. As

Sci-Fi Season Premiere Scorecard

The Invasion is over, everyone. and the science fiction occupation has begun. While “sci-fi” once remained relegated to the Area 51s of the FOX Network or

More than Meets the Eye…

More than two decades after Hasbro, Takara, Sunbow and Marvel Comics combined forces, to unleash the most successful, holistic, cartoon/comic/vehicle/puzzle/robot marketing campaigns ever known to man, creating

Fantastic Chore

In 2005, I subjected myself to the Fantastic Bore… watching Jessica Alba failing to act intelligent, while Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Chiklis looked around nervously, hoping no