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Seen the movie? Now read the BOOK (of Eli)

“Dear Lord… Thank you for guiding me straight and true through the many obstacles in my path…” The Book of Eli was my favorite film in
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Our Savior in AVATAR

(this is the last post in a series, click here for the introduction to our series on James Cameron’s AVATAR.) Then I saw an angel standing
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New Birth, Blue Birth in AVATAR

“Every person is born twice. The second time is when you earn your place among the people forever.” – Avatar (click here for the introduction to
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DeprAVATAR of man

The human race sucks. Seriously, if there’s one thing James Cameron and John Calvin might agree on, it’s the depravity of man. The pivotal scene in Avatar,
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The Great Divorce in AVATAR

For introduction to our Avatar review thread from the beginning, click here. “You’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen. Respect that fact,
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AVATAR: Creation, shortsighted pt 2

For the first part on AVATAR: Creation, click here or follow the link for the introduction to AVATAR.. But ask the beasts, and they will teach
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AVATAR: Creation, Shortsighted pt 1

In my introductory post on AVATAR, it was mentioned that some moviegoers are reportedly “suffering from “Avatar blues”, surrounded by the glorious 3-D world James Cameron
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Brokenness & Sin in AVATAR

In James-Cameron’s groundbreaking, record-shattering, world-building film Avatar (see Cinemagogue’s introduction) we begin the fantastical journey en route to planet Pandora. Except for Jake Sully’s hyper-sleep flashbacks
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AVATAR Attacks!

A little film came out in 1977 called Star Wars and raised quite a controversy amongst Christian fundamentalists. I remember a couple kids I carpooled to