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“Everything changes, NOW!” – Wreck-It Ralph A short video review on why I’m angry at Disney, and why I loved their new movie, Wreck-it Ralph. In
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First Class Should Not be Dismissed

A revenge-fueled mutant man befriends an optimistic dreamer who can read and control minds. Their views of mankind’s nature and possibilities for the future come under
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A Final Bit about TRON: Legacy

Greetings, programs! As we’re steeling ourselves for a summer of mind-bending blockbusters that will take us from Ohio to Oa, I took one last visit to
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TRON proves ’82 debut was not the “end of line”…

In 1982, TRON was passed over for an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects because the Academy felt the movie “cheated” by using a computer (seven

IRON MAN 2: The Legacy of Howard Stark

All I can give you is my knowledge. – Howard Stark From the opening, smirking speech Tony delivers at the beginning of Iron Man 2 to old

IRON MAN: well-suited for sequel

BIG plans for Tony Stark: this first video review of Iron Man 2 (below) is just a taste of what’s to come at Cinemagogue. As an avid

DISTRICT 9 showcases (un?)likely hero

As mentioned in my commentary on the Oscars and Cinemagogue’s Top 10 for 2010, the surprising gem District 9 ranked high on the list; although it didn’t

Faith & Sight in The BOOK OF ELI

As we finish our 3-shot review on The Book of Eli (click here for part 1) this last part includes SPOILERS. Curiously enough, I’d read the

3 Deep cuts & 3 fun slices of ELI

In our opening post on The Book of Eli (click here), I promised to carve out 3 points the film makes about man, religious power, and