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“Everything changes, NOW!” – Wreck-It Ralph A short video review on why I’m angry at Disney, and why I loved their new movie, Wreck-it Ralph. In
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The Truth About Being Fantastic

– by guest contributor John Michael Trowbridge “Who am I Kylie… Why a fox? Why not a horse, or a beetle, or a bald eagle? I’m
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Another visit to The Cabin in the Woods

The talented Joss Whedon has a lesser-known hit this year, overshadowed by his colossal success with The Avengers. Whedon co-wrote The Cabin in the Woods, out today on
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Remembering Stone’s reflective WORLD TRADE CENTER

I remember thinking it was too soon… …when I saw the trailer for Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center back in 2006. Five years didn’t seem like enough

Finally, Man on Fire

Creasy: “Do you think God’ll forgive us for what we’ve done?” Rayburn: “No.” This exchange happens near the beginning of director Tony Scott’s moving Man on Fire,

I Wish You’d Never Been BOURNE

Spider-man 3 lacked a quality screenplay because they dropped some of the screenwriters and the director largely wrote the screenplay himself. While Sam Raimi is a

The Dark Knight Rises: the REAL love story

“Maybe it’s time we stop trying to outsmart the Truth and let it have it’s day!” Althought Alfred Pennyworth realizes this 8 years too late, he’s the

Batman ENDS…

“I haven’t given them everything. Not yet.” I had just become an ordained pastor when Batman Begins took us all by surprise, not simply refreshing a
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Watching the Watchers of The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods takes a step back from the stereotypical horror movie to look